OpenFalcon is an expandable open source monitor resolution with high availability at enterprise-level.

With the warm support and help of everyone, OpenFalcon has become one of the most popular monitor systems in China.


  • Thousands of stars, hundreds of forks, hundreds of pull-requests received at github;
  • More than 6000 community users;
  • Used by more than 200 companies in varying degrees, including companies in Mainland China, Singapore and Taiwan;
  • Dozens of plugin support contributed by the community, like MySQL, Redis, Windows, switch, LVS, Mongodb, Memcache, docker, mesos、URL monitor etc.


  • QQ Group No. 4: 697503992 (join this group)
  • QQ Group No. 1: 373249123 (full)
  • QQ Group No. 2: 516088946 (full)
  • QQ Group No. 3: 469342415 (full)


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