1.1. urlooker

-Urlooker, which is written in Go language, monitors the availability of Web service and the visit quality and it is easy to install and redevelop.

1.2. Feature

  • status code
  • respose time
  • page keyword
  • customize header
  • customize post body
  • support get post put method
  • send to open-falcon、statsd、prometheus

1.3. Architecture


1.4. ScreenShot


1.5. FAQ

  • wiki
  • FAQ
  • default user/password:admin/password

1.6. Install

install by docker
git clone https://github.com/710leo/urlooker.git
cd urlooker
docker build .
docker volume create urlooker-vol
docker run -p 1984:1984 -d --name urlooker --mount source=urlooker-vol,target=/var/lib/mysql --restart=always [CONTAINER ID]
install by code
# install dependence
yum install -y mysql-server
wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/710leo/urlooker/master/sql/schema.sql
mysql -h -u root -p < schema.sql

curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/710leo/urlooker/master/install.sh|bash
cd $GOPATH/src/github.com/710leo/urlooker

# change [mysql root password]to your mysql root password
sed -i 's/urlooker.pass/[mysql root password]/g' configs/web.yml

./control start all

open in browser

1.7. Q&A

Gitter: urlooker

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