1.1. urlooker

Urlooker, which is written in Go language, monitors the availability of Web service and the visit quality and it is easy to install and redevelop.

1.2. Feature

  • Detect the state code of response
  • Detect the response time of a page
  • Matching detect of key word in a page
  • Visit with cookie
  • Agent deployment in multiple machine room; visit specific machine room
  • Support sending detection result to Open-Falcon
  • Support sending alarms via SMS and mail

1.3. Architecture


1.4. ScreenShot




1.5. Sent Metrics(details in wiki)

  • metric: url_status
  • endpoint: url_id (ID in picture number 2)
  • tag: creator=username (username in the top right of the picture 6)
  • counterType: GAUGE
  • step: 60 (can be adjusted in the configuration of web application)
  • value: 0 (0~4 0 means normal, others mean innormal)

1.6. Install

Environment Dependency
Install mysql & redis
wget http://x2know.qiniudn.com/schema.sql
Import schema.sql to the database

Binary installation(compiled in Ubuntu 14.4 Go1.6):

wget http://x2know.qiniudn.com/urlooker.tar.gz
tar xzvf urlooker.tar.gz
cd urlooker
# Adjust the configuration of MySQL and redis in cfg.json
web/control start
alarm/control start
agent/control start

Visit with your browser.

1.7. Help

Please refer to urlooker for source code installation and other detailed information.

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