在大家的热心支持和帮助下,OpenFalcon 已经成为国内最流行的监控系统之一。


  • github 上取得了数千个star,数百次fork,上百个pull-request;
  • 社区用户6000+;
  • 超过200家公司都在不同程度使用open-falcon,包括大陆、新加坡、台湾等地;
  • 社区贡献了包括MySQL、redis、windows、交换机、LVS、Mongodb、Memcache、docker、mesos、URL监控等多种插件支持;


  • OpenFalcon was initially started by Xiaomi and we would also like to acknowledge contributions by engineers from these companies and these individual developers.
  • The OpenFalcon logo and website were contributed by Cepave Design Team.
  • Wei Lai is the founder of OpenFalcon software and community.
  • The english doc is translated by 宋立岭.
  • The website is proudly powered by didiyun.

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  • QQ一群:373249123 (已满员)
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